Mr Rich and His Funny Faces!!

A great part of what makes this world so wonderful is the countless and unique talents that so many have been blessed with. Sometimes these talents lay hidden for many decades until as if by command they are brought forth.


After looking in the mirror at the same puss for over 70 years, I suddenly became aware that I had the unique ability to create hundreds of different and yet untold numbers of facial expressions. By removing my store bough choppers and with a little practice, I was able to expand my repertoire.


The real test of my new found talent came in the name of my grand children. They are true critics. Their response was one of great encouragement. Shortly after I was fortunate to meet Susan who shared their enthusiasm. With her photographic talents and her professional creativity we are happy to present “Mr. Rich”!


P.S. This is the real thing and stay tuned! There is more to come!!!


Thanks for watching,

Mr. Rich


Susa Designs


Open Studios 2 Division Street - Susa Designs



Local artists, retailers, and restaurants present the Art of Pleasure

NEW ROCHELLE, NY Monday, March 18, 2013

Multiple New Rochelle artists are mobilizing Saturday, March 23rd, creating a highly anticipated Block of Arts circuit. Galleries and studios, surrounding New Rochelle’s block of Huguenot, Division, Centre and Main open their doors from 10am to 7pm, exhibiting works in photography, oil painting, graphic design, glass making, sculpting, handcrafted jewelry, sketching, wine making and floral design. Grab a bite from any of our favorite comfort food cultures; Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine.

The Block of Arts circuit is an expressive movement, engaging the city, county and its community retailers, theater and restaurants in the ART of Pleasure. Join us Saturday for bold, transformational art, food and fun! Stroll the block and look for white balloons.
Participating B.O.A Galleries and Retailers:

🙂 Gallery ROC – 2 Division Street
12-7pm, Open galleries: SUSADesign, MODHarts,
Louis Riso, Saave Films w/artist discussions, nosh bites

🙂 Just Funki – 37 Division Street
12-8pm, Gallery of handcrafted jewelry and book signing event

🙂 AOC Fine Wines – 268 Huguenot Street
12-7pm, the Art of Albarino grape& Tasting, 10% Discounts

🙂 Sutton Florist – 296 Huguenot Street
10-4pm, the Art of Floral Design, Floral Show, 20% Discounts

🙂 Reverol & Co. – 300 Huguenot St.
Gallery exhibit Emily Cappa; Drawing, Movement, Language and Environment, refreshments

🙂 81 Centre Ave Art Studios
Open gallery & studios, ArtizFACTS, Faith Goldstein and
Marcelo Pittari

🙂 PAC House Theater & Gallery – 311 Huguenot Street
10am-3pm, Gallery exhibiting paintings, sculptures and accompanied by a Brunch-raiser w/Frittata’s, Pancakes and French toast

Participating B.O.A. Restaurants:

🙂 R Patisserrie – 302 Huguenot Street
(Free small tea mentioning Block of Arts circuit)

🙂 Modern Restaurant – 310 Huguenot Street
(20% off large pie mentioning Block of Arts – Pick Up Only)

Contact: Eric Woodlin
Office: (914)740-5437

There is always someone, or some Llama? …obstructing the photo!

Machu Picchu Llama Photobomb Photographer Erica Kuschel

“Machu Picchu Llama Photobomb” Photographer Erica Kuschel

This was too fun not to share. Photographer Erica Kuschel shot this photo while trying to get a better view of Machu Picchu but it seems the llama insisted on being in the photograph. I love it! 🙂 Source:

Creative Logos with Unique Messages

Designing logos can be such a challenge. They appear as simple geometric shapes but coming up with a unique concept is where it gets challenging. I will never look at these logos the same. I love the hidden messages but I wonder how many people actually notice them. The idea behind the Sony Viao logo is completely new to me. I had no idea there was a message behind it. It makes me wonder if they came up with the name or the logo first…. the chicken or the egg? These examples really are fantastic! See what I’m talking about here

Best of Westchester 2011

I had an awesome opportunity to attend Westchester Magazine’s Best of Westchester Party 2011! Thanks to BOW winner Aurora Fair Trade, Chappaqua, NY. It’s a highly anticipated event which attracts more than 3,000 people every July. Winners showcase their specialties while party goers indulge in free samples, live music, and more. I had a ball shooting the event. Check out my photos!

Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

1.) “Experts tend to operate outside of their comfort zone and study themselves failing.”  2.) “Experts will try and walk in the shoes of somebody who is more confident than them.” 3.) ” Experts crave and thrive on immediate and constant feedback.” 4.) “Experts treat what they do like a science.” Lessons learned from this video with Joshua Foer.