Mr Rich and His Funny Faces!!

A great part of what makes this world so wonderful is the countless and unique talents that so many have been blessed with. Sometimes these talents lay hidden for many decades until as if by command they are brought forth.


After looking in the mirror at the same puss for over 70 years, I suddenly became aware that I had the unique ability to create hundreds of different and yet untold numbers of facial expressions. By removing my store bough choppers and with a little practice, I was able to expand my repertoire.


The real test of my new found talent came in the name of my grand children. They are true critics. Their response was one of great encouragement. Shortly after I was fortunate to meet Susan who shared their enthusiasm. With her photographic talents and her professional creativity we are happy to present “Mr. Rich”!


P.S. This is the real thing and stay tuned! There is more to come!!!


Thanks for watching,

Mr. Rich


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